Join us in celebrating the Finnish nature

The Finnish Nature Day is celebrated on the last Saturday of each August, cheerfully and with a blink in an eye! Raise a flag for Finnish nature and head towards outdoors. Invite your friend to join you in an event or arrange one yourself - the style is free. You can also share your festive outdoor experiences on social media: #natureday / #luonnonpäivä.

You can participate in events all around Finland, perhaps foraging for mushrooms and other wild foods, or joining nature adventures organised for kids. Please note, that most of the events are organized in Finnish. Use the map to find an event to join!

Organise an event

It’s easy to arrange and publish your own Finnish Nature Day event. Get together with friends, relatives or people you meet through your hobbies to dream up ideas for the kind of event you’d like to join yourself. When you have a plan ready, register it as part of our Nature Days programme. Remember to tell other friends about your event and use social media to invite your contacts to join in.

Use the map to find an event where you can participate

To join the fun on the Finnish Nature Day just use the map to find out about interesting events near you. The range of events on offer will continue to grow until the week before the day itself, as people register their pop-up events. THE MAP WILL OPEN IN JUNE 2019.

Get out into Finland’s natural settings together and share your experiences

Who might you like to share your Finnish Nature Day with? Perhaps your family, your godparents or godchildren, an old person from a local old people’s home, a group of immigrants from an asylum seekers’ reception center, or a group of kindergarten kids? Share the story of your trip on social media using the hashtag #luonnonpäivä / #natureday.

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